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Air quality is important for us since poor air quality would affect our health.

Many studies already pointed out that air pollutants can cause different types of disease especially heart and respiratory diseases. No matter at outdoor or indoor environment, we are surrounded by different types of air pollutants.

At 1987 the Hong Kong government has established an Air Quality Objective for outdoor environment while at 1999 the Hong Kong government has established an Indoor Air Quality Objective for offices and public places served by Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning (MVAC) system.

Poor indoor air quality would cause Sick Building Syndrome (SBS); some of the symptoms for SBS include headache, throat irritation, itchy eyes and skin etc. We can improve the indoor air quality by checking the MVAC system, measuring the indoor pollutant level and minimizing the pollutant sources so that we can stay at a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

In 2000, The Hong Kong Government had implemented an IAQ Management programme to improve the indoor air quality, also launch a voluntary IAQ Certification Scheme in 2003, aims to recognize and pursue the good IAQ management practices.

In the transition period (i.e. 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2024), there are two versions of IAQ Certification Scheme:
2003 Ver. & 2019 Ver.