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IAQ certificate Scheme (2019 Ver.)

EPD has updated the IAQ Certification Scheme and launched the new objective on 1 July 2019. The applicants who join the IAQ Certification Scheme or completed 5-year certification cycle after 1 July 2019 need to join the New IAQ Objective for the certificate.

Different between 2003 & 2019 Ver.

To distinguish 2003 or 2019 Ver., the premises has issues the new IAQ certificates and new IAQ labels. In addition, the IAQ Information Centre also issued the electronic IAQ logo (e-Logo).

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List of Testing Parameters

Parameters of Air Quality Testing Method Equipment used
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Real-time monitor - TSI Q-Trak IAQ Monitor
- Temars (For CO2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Respirable Suspended Particulate (RSP) - TSI Personal Aerosol Monitor/AM510
- Metone 831
Ozone (O3) Aeroqual Series 200/500 Monitor, with O3 Sensor
Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) Honeywell ppbRAE volatile organic compound (VOC) Monitor
Radon (Rn) RAD 7 Radon Monitor
Sun Nuclear 1030
RandonEye Pro
Formaldehyde (HCHO)* PPM
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)* Aeroqual Series 200/500 Monitor, with NO2 Sensor
Formaldehyde (HCHO) Passive sampling SKC/Sampler: SKC - UMEX 100
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Ogawa & Co./NO2 Ogawa Sampler
Airborne Bacteria Active sampling Microbial Air Sampler
Mould Visual Inspection

* The new paramters for 2019 Ver.
.The Listed Equipment just for reference ONLY.

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